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Customer Comments

"Your signs are our number one seller. Great quality and a huge selection that appeals to everyone."

- The Homespun Loft

"I bought a bunch of your wood signs for Christmas presents. They are so affordable and the perfect gift."

- Jane in Florida


Funny Wood Signs

Click on the sign saying for pictures and ordering details.

A Day Without Sunshine Is Like Night

Be Nice Or Go Away

Bed & Breakfast ~ You make both

Can I Get Caller ID For The Voices In My Head?

Cancel My Subscription, I Don't Need Your Issues.

Eat Well, Stay Fit, Die Anyway.

Families Are Like Fudge, Mostly Sweet With A Few Nuts!

Hard work has definitely killed people.

How Can I Control My Life If I Can't Control My Hair?

I Can See Clearly Now My Brain Is Gone

I Didn't Ask To Be Princess But Hey..If The Crown Fits

I Only Have A Kitchen Because It Came With The House

I Started Out With Nothing And I Have Most Of It Left

I'm So Far Behind I Think I'm In First

If Idiots Grew On Trees, This Place Would Be An Orchard

If You Are Smoking In Here You Had Better Be On Fire

It's All Good

Life Is Made Of Choices - Remove Your Shoes Or Scrub The Floor

Money Talks, Mine Says Goodbye

My Next Husband Will Be Normal

Normal Around Here Is Just A Setting On The Dryer

One Out Of Four People In This Country Are Mentally Unbalanced. Think Of Your Three Closest Friends; If They Seem Ok, Then You're The One.

Remember As Far As Everyone Else Is Concerned, We Are A Nice Normal Family

Retirement: Twice As Much Husband, Half As Much Money

We May Not Have It All Together, But Together We Have It All

Welcome Friends..Relatives By Appointment

What We Have Here Is A Failure To Give A Shit

You Can Agree With Me Or You Can Be Wrong

Handcrafted Wood Signs Made in Falling Waters, West Virginia.

Simply Wood Signs
A division of The Birdhouse Barn

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